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Level 4

From MRL Wiki - level 4

Spoilers Below

This level is a directory traversal with a twist. User input is appended to "/usr/share/level5", and the resulting file is displayed to stdout. However, user input undergoes sanity checking before being appended.

The first step is that any characters matching "." or "/" at the beginning of the input string are skipped. Therefore the beginning of the input must contain a valid file or directory. Luckily a dummy subdirectory has been provided under /usr/share/level5.

The input string is then passed through two filters. The first pass strips any instance of the character sequence "/../". The second strips the character sequence "/./".

Because of the order of the filters, it's possible to retain a "/../" character sequence by including "/./.././" in the input string.

level4@blackbox:~$ ~/shared lyrics/./../././../././../././.././home/level5/password
Contents of /usr/share/level5/lyrics/../../../../home/level5/password:
<password displays>

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