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[edit] Tasks

- group mission statement / goals
- create and document short-term/long-term network design
- setup lab network (servers, switch, firewall, IDS, VPN, terminal server, etc)
- sandbox (done)
- remote attack workstation (Canvas, Core Impact, etc)
- remote reversing station for those without a copy of IDA
- fuzzing workstation (codenomicon?)
- honeypot (fireye?)
- setup vmware servers
- guidelines for building VMs
- setup group wiki
- setup group file server
- sync malware repositories to fileserver
- mirror kenshoto CTF testing ground and other ctf games
- private silc/irc/jabber server on the new network
- hardware project gear (soldering iron, rfid stuff, etc)
- lock picking gear (I can share this gear if it is legal to do so on Harvard premise.  Does anyone know if that is the case?)
- security library (I have tons of security books to share)
- a web crawler that looks for malicious drive by downloads.  Something in the vein of what is described in "Ghost in the Browser". (oday)
- hardware hacking / oscilloscope (josh f.)

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